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Roper fridge with ice maker $250.00 plus delivery 32.5 wide 65.5 tall. Call Bales Appliance 541-997-1126.

Frigidaire dishwasher $200.00 plus install or delivery Chip on right side console, cosmetic only. Call Bales Appliance 541-997-1126.

Frigidaire Smaller RV or dorm size fridge, Stainless 21.5 x 42.5 $150.00 cash and carry. Call Bales Appliance 541-997-1126.

Dishwasher and Micro hood installation available you supply or we supply. Most local jobs $85.00 Call Bales Appliance for your appliance needs. 541-997-1126. Used Appliances always available!

See what you want don't hesitate to call Bales Appliance for your in home service/repair/warranty service. Used Appliances always available. Now buying used appliances and free haul away of old call for details. 541-997-1126 Bales Appliance

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